To Herbertshire

Present day Dunipace once known as the Milltown of Denovan, is the village in the area where Herbertshire Castle once stood. It is separated from Denny by the river Carron and is often wrongly bundled with Denny, and before 1877 they were two distinctly separate parishes.

Dunipace has ceased to exist as far as the post office is concerned and has a Denny postcode.
I think that there should be a present day campaign for Dunipace identity.

I have lived in Dunipace all my life, only a few hundred yards from where Herbertshire castle once stood, I am too young to remember the castle but can remember it's old stables which stood between Beech Crescent and Linden Avenue which were used by the council refuge trucks as a headquarters in the 1960's and up to the late 1970's.




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1952 Vincent
An interesting piece of living room furniture.





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